Jeff Pajak

Jeff Pajak
9th Grade Homeroom - Upper School Literature, History, and Rhetoric

M.A. in Teaching from Notre Dame at Maryland University | B.A. in English from Providence College (Magna Cum Laude)

Mr. Pajak has been teaching various grade levels from elementary to high school for six years. He utilizes the knowledge of filming he obtained from the New York Film Academy in the classroom. Theatrics and the power of performance and memory are both key to his teaching style.

Although the profession of teaching runs in his family, Mr. Pajak himself had never felt called to be a teacher until he graduated college with an English degree and couldn’t get a job doing anything else. The allure of travel led him to Mexico City, where he tried his first year of teaching with first graders who didn’t know English. A year of wiping runny noses and acting out his favorite stories convinced him to try teaching in the United States to see if it was as much fun. He hasn’t looked back since. Born a Midwesterner, and raised a Yankee, Mr. Pajak eventually migrated south with a mind toward enjoying its legendary hospitality. He convinced a good woman to follow him, though he first had to convince her to marry him. They were blessed with their first child in the first week of his first year at OLR. Since then, Mr. Pajak has added insomnia, dirty diapers, and joyful exhaustion to a long list of hobbies. He is looking forward to experiencing more “firsts” at OLR in the years ahead.