Tuition & Financial Aid


Our Lady of the Rosary is committed to keeping tuition affordable for all families.

The following tuition rates are priced considerably less than the actual cost to educate.

2024-2025 Tuition & Fee Schedule

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Through generous efforts by Our Lady of the Rosary parishioners, PTO, and other sources, we are able to offer tuition at a significantly lower rate than the actual cost to educate.

In addition to the built-in financial aid that every student receives, there are a limited number of sources where families might seek out additional funding for their child’s education, outlined below.

If applying for financial aid, please visit the Tuition Aid Data Service FACTS website at as soon as possible, as an application and application fee is needed for tuition assistance.

1. Faithful Family Scholarship from OLR Parish

  • Covers yearly tuition for all but the two eldest children enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade
  • It does not cover fees or tuition for Enhanced Learning or pre-kindergarten
  • Available to OLR parishioners who exemplify a Catholic lifestyle in the home and have chosen to enroll three or more children in our school
  • Qualifying families who would like to be considered for this scholarship should indicate their interest by emailing

2. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Tuition Assistance Grant offered by the Diocese of Charleston

  • The Diocese of Charleston St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Tuition Assistance Grant is funded by the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Endowment. The purpose of this grant is to assist Catholic families wishing to send their children to a Diocesan elementary or high school who require financial assistance. Applications are available through the school.
  • Catholic families in good standing, with their pastor’s endorsement, are eligible for a St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Tuition Assistance Grant.
  • Applicants must complete Facts Grant & Aid Application and SEAS application

3. Exceptional SC Scholarshipoffered by the State of South Carolina

Available to qualifying students who have exceptional needs:

  • autism
  • deafness and hearing impairment
  • deafblindness
  • emotional disability
  • mental disability
  • multiple disabilities
  • orthopedic impairment
  • other health impairment
  • specific learning disability
  • speech or language impairment
  • traumatic brain injury
  • visual impairment

Applicants must prove eligibility by completing Proof of Eligibility form and TADS application

4. Direct Financial Aid from OLR Parish

  • Parishioners in good standing may meet with pastor to request aid for assistance with tuition for grades K5-Upper School
  • Families wishing for direct financial assistance must also have applied for 1) SEAS scholarship and 2) Exceptional SC scholarship (if student qualifies)
  • Final decisions will be made by the school Financial Aid Committee

5. Other Sources

  • Families who belong to other parishes should contact their pastor to see what assistance is available
  • Emergency Financial Aid, which is used to assist families who experience a crisis during the school year such as a job loss, injury, or illness, may be available. Those in need should contact the OLR pastor.