Katie Fowler

Katie Fowler
Director of Enhanced Learning

Certified Arrowsmith Program Cognitive Instructor, Toronto, Canada

Mrs. Fowler is our Director of Enhanced Learning. She coordinates the supportive methods for our gifted, exceptional, and twice exceptional students. Mrs. Fowler has a passion for working with students on their individual levels, honoring their human dignity and respecting their Imago Dei.

Mrs. Fowler is also our Arrowsmith Program Site Administrator and one of our Arrowsmith Program cognitive instructors. She has been teaching our Arrowsmith students since the program’s inception at OLR in 2012. Mrs. Fowler joined the OLR school and church community in 2010 when she enrolled her son in the OLR middle school. Her son is an OLR Alumni, and he was in the first Arrowsmith Program class at OLR. Under Mrs. Fowler’s direction, the OLR Arrowsmith Program students have many success stories including winning an International Arrowsmith Program exercise competition.